Tech Tips: How can you delete another phone's app from your smartphone, know the method!


pc: amarujala

Imagine, what would it be like if you could now remotely delete any application on another phone from your phone. Google has changed its Play Store policy and has also released a new feature. So let's know about this.

What is Google Play Store's remote app uninstall feature?

This is a feature that allows you to remotely uninstall any application from one device to another. With this, you can also delete applications from devices like smart TVs, smartwatches, and Android Auto.


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How to use this new feature?

The first condition for this is that both devices should be logged in with the same email ID.

From another device, go to the Play Store and open the Google Play Store app.

Now tap on the profile icon.

Click on "Manage apps & devices" there.

Now go to the "Manage in the Play Store" application.

Here you will see the details of the other device.

Now, select the application you want to delete.

After selecting the application, uninstall it.