Tech Tips: Has your phone also become slow? You can free RAM in these ways!


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Android phones and apps are more robust than ever. Standard Android phones now come equipped with at least 6GB or 8GB of RAM for better performance. While having enough RAM is essential, there are ways to customize the performance of phones with less RAM.

Suppose your phone has 6 GB RAM and you have downloaded many apps, then there are chances that the performance of your phone may become slow. However, by keeping a few key points in mind, you can free up your phone's RAM effectively. Let us know these methods.

Pay attention to storage usage

Check which apps are consuming the most memory by going to your phone's Settings and accessing the storage options. Here, you'll find a list of apps ranked based on memory usage. If you identify an app that is using excessive storage, consider force-stopping or uninstalling it.


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Removing Apps and Bloatware

If you have apps on your phone that you rarely use, consider removing or uninstalling them. Additionally, remove pre-installed bloatware that often comes with Android phones and serves no essential purpose.

Turn off animations:

For better performance, disable animations and transitions on your phone. To do this, disable developer options by tapping multiple times on "Build number" in "Settings>About phone". Once in developer options, adjust settings like window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale.


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Avoid live wallpapers:

Live wallpapers, although attractive in appearance, consume a lot of RAM. Consider using static wallpapers to reduce RAM usage.

Avoid using third-party boosters:

Avoid using third-party booster apps, as they may promise performance improvements but are often counterproductive.