Tech Tips: Check like this whether the smartphone has a virus or not, follow these steps to remove the virus!


Viruses can easily enter all the gadgets we use. There are some codes. People who use the software on smartphones or computers to access sensitive information. They are making money from this. Like a computer, this virus also enters the smartphone. Hackers lock the device. Also can encrypt personal information using RAMSware. Currently, it is believed that Android devices are currently vulnerable to viruses and malware.

Finally, it is important to know if a virus has entered your phone. So here we are telling you an easy way. Do you have a virus on your phone? Or if so how can one stay away from it?

The data usage may be higher than before, as the virus runs a lot of background tasks and apps. It also often communicates with the Internet.


The phone's battery runs out quickly. Because virus apps and software run in the background.

Suspicious ads appear as a sign of a virus or malware. The site usually contains pop-up advertisements. But, too many ads are not good for your device.

Your phone home screen will look great with new apps. These new apps may contain malware.

The speed of your phone can be very slow. That is, the phone may hang.


How to remove viruses from your phone?

Step 1 - Check the recently installed apps. Delete apps with low downloads and bad reviews.

Step 2 - Clear the cache from your browser in your phone settings.

Step 3 - Uninstall genuine anti-virus software. Which can periodically scan for apps and software.

Step 4 – If none of these work then do a factory reset to help try and fix the battery drain. Don't forget to back up all the necessary files on your device before doing the factory reset.