Tech Tips and Tricks: Smartphone storage is full? How to easily upload files to Google Drive


If you want to keep your data safe. Also, if you want to get rid of the problem of full storage, then you can upload files to Google Drive by following these easy steps.

Nowadays more and more people use smartphones and many apps are installed on them. Also, due to the good camera, now people often take photos with their phones. Due to this a lot of data gets accumulated in the device and storage problem starts. Now many smartphones with more storage also come into the market and people buy a new smartphone only after seeing the internal storage according to their need. Also, with the help of a micro SD card, the storage can be increased. Despite this, they face problems like storage full. Because of this, they have to either delete the data of their phone or transfer it to another device even if they do not want to.

If you want that you can see your photos and videos anytime anywhere and do not face any storage problem, then upload them to Google Drive instead of other devices, laptops, and computers. This has 2 advantages. One, your data remains safe because many times when the laptop gets damaged, its data gets deleted. Another advantage of this is that having data in Google Drive, you will be able to download and watch it anytime. If you have not used Google Drive yet and you do not know how to upload files to it, then read this article. Here its complete process is explained.

How to Upload File to Google Drive?

Not only can you upload data to Google Drive, but you can also view, share and edit it there. Along with the photo, video, and audio files, you can also upload document files to Google Drive. For this, the Google Drive app should be installed on your smartphone and you should be logged in with this Gmail account on which you want to keep your data safe. Also, instead of a single file, you can upload a whole folder of many things to Google Drive at once.

  • To upload files, first, download the Google Drive app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Now open the app. You will see a + icon on the home screen. Click on it.
  • Then click on Upload.
  • Now find the file you want to upload from your phone's storage.
  • Once you click on the file, it will be uploaded to Google Drive. However, it requires a good internet connection.
  • Now you can see the uploaded file by going to My Drive.

Can create different folders

  • If you want to create different folders in Google Drive, then after clicking on the + icon, select the option of Folder instead of Upload.
  • Then name that folder and open it.
  • Now upload the file there as mentioned above.
  • With this, you will be able to put different photos and videos in different folders, which will make them easier to find.