Tech Tips and Tricks: Find out easily if someone else is using your WhatsApp!



WhatsApp has not one but many great features for the privacy and security of its users. Do you know that there is a feature in WhatsApp that can give you information on whether your account is being used on any other device or not?

After opening the WhatsApp application, you have to click on the three dots visible on the top right corner of the ride site. After clicking on the three dots, you will see many options, but you have to click on the “Linked Devices” option.



By clicking on the “Linked Devices” option you will see the option to “Link a Device”. Additionally, you will see "Device Status" written where you will see the names of all the devices on which your WhatsApp account is active.

If you want to log out of your account from any device, simply click on the name of that device and you will see the Logout option. As soon as you click on Logout, your account will be logged out from that device.