Tech: Rules for buying SIM cards have changed, and have to be followed otherwise action will be taken against the sellers!


PC: Amar Ujala

The central government has changed the rules for buying and selling SIM cards. It was revealed that SIM cards were used on the basis of fake identity cards for some anti-national activities. It became difficult to reach such an accused. SIM card sellers are also often found involved in such cases. Multiple SIM cards were found in the names of some people. Therefore, the Center has imposed restrictions on the sellers. According to the new rules, SIM card vendors will have to complete the KYC process before registering and participating in the system. They will be registered in advance. After the implementation of the new rules, there will be a ban on purchasing SIMs on an ID card. Strict action will be taken on purchasing additional SIMs.

2 months of extra time

The Center had changed the rules for buying and selling SIM cards in the month of August. This rule was to be implemented in the entire country from October 1, 2023. But telecom companies and vendors wanted enough time. Therefore its implementation was postponed. Following the request of telecom companies, the Department of Telecommunications has given additional time of 2 months to the companies to implement this rule. This rule will come into effect after two months i.e. from 1 December 2023.


PC: Divya Maharashtra Mandal

Then a fine of 10 lakhs

After the implementation of the new rules, those buying bulk SIMs will be affected. Strict action will be taken against them. Telecom companies will also be affected by these rules. They have to register the seller. After November 30, if unregistered sellers are found selling SIM cards, strict action will be taken against the telecom company. A fine of Rs 10 lakh can be imposed. All dealers will have to register by 30 November 2023. Written or oral registration is not accepted. A written agreement between the SIM card seller and the respective telecommunication company is binding.


PC: tv9marathi

So many SIM card vendors in the country!

There are many SIM card vendors in the country who are neither verified nor registered. These SIM card sellers were selling SIM cards on someone else's identity card without any irregularities. The Center has made new rules to prevent fake SIM cards and financial fraud. Under the new rules, action will be taken against telecom companies. Similar action will also be taken against SIM card sellers. If their involvement is found then SIM cards will not be sold for three years and will be blacklisted. Besides, other legal action will also be taken.