Tech: Now you will have to pay fees for posts on X, know why Elon Musk decided to charge!


pc: abplive

Musk said that the amount of this fee would be quite nominal. The reason behind charging users is to eliminate the problems related to bots. According to Musk, it is challenging to get rid of bot accounts completely without charging users.

In fact, while replying to a post on an X account, Musk said that all new users joining the platform will have to pay a fee for posting. However, this fee will not be very high.


pc: abplive

Responding to a user's tweet, Musk also said that if new accounts do not want to pay for posting, they can post without any fees for three months after creating their account.

Emphasizing this, Musk clarified that this system is only for new users. After three months of account creation, users will start getting the option to post for free.