Tech: Now this feature is going to come on WhatsApp, now it will not be needed to login


Meta's instant multimedia messaging app WhatsApp is used by a large number of people in the world. Many types of features have been provided in it for the convenience of the users. Now a very useful feature of WhatsApp is coming soon. 

Now passkeys for security are going to come on WhatsApp. By the way, Passkeys has already been introduced by Meta for Android users. Now it will be released for iPhone users. Passkeys are a security feature that helps make the login process more secure. 

Although a 6 digit code is required to login to the account on an unknown device, but after the introduction of this feature, instead of the code, you can login to WhatsApp without the six digit code with the help of phone Face ID, Touch ID and device passcode. will be able to do.

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