Tech News: Keeping notes on the mobile cover may be very heavy, know this


A large number of people in the country keep many things including notes in mobile covers. You will be surprised to know that keeping things on a mobile cover can be risky for your life. Today we are going to give you information about the reasons why notes or any other thing should not be kept on the back cover of the phone.

It has become common to hear reports of mobile phones catching fire or exploding. People face this type of problem due to the phone getting hot. Fire can occur when there is too much pressure on the phone's processor or battery. The temperature of the phone also increases due to the cover. For this reason, experts advise to use mobile without cover.

For this reason, it is advisable not to keep any other things including notes on the phone cover. The cover may cause the processor to overheat. Flammable things should also not be kept on the phone cover. The note may catch fire if the processor overheats. For this reason, we should not keep anything on the phone cover.

PC: zeenews