Tech News: Disabled people will now get special facilities, this app is equipped with artificial technology


Many types of schemes are being run by the Central and State Governments in the interest of the countrymen. Many types of schemes are being run by the government to help people who are not physically capable. Now an app for the disabled is about to be launched.

With the help of this app, disabled people will get many types of facilities. This app equipped with artificial technology will be specially designed. The already running accessible app for the disabled will be redesigned by the government. It is now ready to be equipped with AI.

Now in this app, annual reports, data of districts, information about schemes, and decisions of the Supreme Court and other courts will also be available. In the new and updated Sugamya app, along with providing information in multiple languages, various types of information will also be available through the chatbot. An MOU has also been signed in this regard.

PC: incubator-ucf-edu