Tech News: Alert issued for WhatsApp users, due to this the bank account may become empty


WhatsApp is used by a large number of people in the world. Let us tell you that your bank account can also become empty due to WhatsApp. In this regard, a big warning has been issued for Android WhatsApp users. This warning has been issued regarding malware. Whose name is PixPirate. An alert has been issued by the IB Trustee in this regard.

According to IB Trustee, malware can hide itself in the phone and record every action on the screen. Let us tell you that along with recording every swipe of the screen, malware can also record every word typed on the keyboard. With the help of PixPirate, hackers can obtain any personal information.

Let us tell you that the malware reads the information received from the bank and then deletes the message. Due to this, the account holder does not get information about the transaction.

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