Tech: Know Mini UPS for Wifi!


Mini UPS for Wifi:  Well-known gadget brand Potronics has announced the launch of Power Plus Mini UPS in India. This mini UPS is specially designed for Wi-Fi routers so that your internet continues to work even if the power goes out. This becomes very important when you are doing some important work in your office or doing any work where an internet connection becomes very important. In such a situation, this device does not let your Wi-Fi router shut down. 


what is specialty 

This device is specially designed for Wifi routers. It ensures that your internet connection does not drop and your work does not get interrupted. It is a compact and reliable mini UPS. Addressing the frequent challenges of load shedding and voltage fluctuations, Power Plus provides uninterrupted power to the Wifi router during power disruptions and offers uninterrupted internet connectivity. With Power Plus, stay connected even during power cuts and enjoy hassle-free online experiences.

The Portronics Power Plus has a 2000mAh battery inside its compact frame. It is easy to set up and does not require any technical expertise. It needs to be connected between a 12-volt (DC) Wi-Fi router and a main power outlet. The Power Plus supplies power from the mains to the Wi-Fi router at all times through one of the two standard connectors - 2.1 mm and 5.5 mm DC pins. In the event of a fault, the Power Plus battery immediately kicks in and keeps the Wi-Fi on for up to four hours.

The Power Plus also has internal safety features designed to protect both the router and itself from overcharging and undervoltage following a temporary power cut. Potronics Power Plus can be purchased from the company's official website at an introductory discounted price of just Rs 1,249 with a 12-month warranty.