Tech: If you are selling an old phone then do not make these mistakes, otherwise you will regret them later!


pc: amarujala

We often resell our phones to get a new updated phone. Nowadays, selling old phones is also quite easy. But if you are selling your phone then you need to keep some things in mind. Otherwise, you may get into big trouble and may even become a victim of fraud.

WhatsApp Backup:

Before selling your old phone, make sure to take a backup of WhatsApp because it contains your chats and important data. By taking a backup, you will get the old chats when you install WhatsApp on the new phone.


pc: amarujala

Before selling SIM card and eSIM

phone, remove your SIM card and if you use eSIM then definitely delete the eSIM profile.


It is also very important for you to back up your phone. Use Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox or any other cloud service for backup. Apart from this, you can also take backups in an external drive.

Delete UPI apps:

Before selling the phone, delete UPI and payment apps and also delete its data.

Reset the device after logout.

Before selling the phone, log out all the accounts present in it. Only after this do a factory reset. Logout accounts ranging from Google to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, X etc.