Tech: Hackers are stealing money from users' bank accounts using Google Translate, be careful like this!


The hackers are reportedly using Google Translate web links for phishing users and steal their personal information. Barracuda Networks has disclosed this attack found in phishing attacks during January 2023.

In January, Barracuda researchers noted email attacks that used the Google Translate feature for websites to disguise malicious URLs (web page addresses). Attackers use a poorly-formed HTML page or a non-supported language to prevent Google from translating a web page - and Google responds by providing a link to the original URL saying that it is not a translation of the underlying website.


The attackers embed that URL link in an email and if a user clicks on it, they are taken to a fake but authentic-looking website which is actually a phishing website controlled by the attackers. Such attacks are difficult to detect because they contain a URL that points to a legitimate website. As a result, many email filtering technologies will allow these attacks to reach users' inboxes. Furthermore, attackers can alter the malicious payload at the time of email delivery, making them even more difficult to detect.