Tech: Google Meet New Feature!


Google Meet New Feature: The Google Meet app has brought a new feature for video conferencing named the "Adaptive Audio" feature. This feature has been specially designed to overcome the problem of joining meetings from multiple devices in the same room. People often face sound-related problems when using Google Meet from multiple laptops or devices in the same room. The microphone of one device would pick up the sound of the speaker of the other device, due to which other people present in the meeting would hear an echo. Let us tell you about this new adaptive audio feature. 

How does the Adaptive Audio feature work?

This new feature solves the problem by managing audio smartly. With the help of this feature, Google Meet automatically recognizes whether multiple devices are trying to join the meeting from the same place. After this, it starts synchronizing the microphone and speaker of those devices so that everyone in the meeting can hear the voice clearly and without any echo. Now you can easily use Google Meet even in conference rooms or small meeting spaces where multiple laptops are present. This will solve the problem of poor voice quality.

How to turn on the Adaptive Audio feature?

This feature is enabled automatically when Google Meet detects that multiple devices are joining the meeting from the same location. You will see a notification in the "People" section saying "Merged audio" is enabled. In most cases, this feature will be enabled automatically, but Google says you can turn it off if needed.

Which users are getting this feature 

For now, this feature is available only to Google Workspace users who have Gemini Enterprise, Gemini Business, Gemini Education, and Gemini Education Premium plans or who have taken the AI ​​Meetings and Messaging add-on. It will be rolled out to all Google Meet users in the coming months.