Tech: Google Maps also fails in front of this navigation app, you can download it for free!


PC: Hindi.news18.

When you travel to an unfamiliar city, you often lack detailed information about the routes and places there. In such situations, you rely on Google Maps for help. However, Google Maps can sometimes cause inconveniences. To solve this problem, we would like to introduce you to a mapping app that is ahead of Google Maps in many ways.

The name of the mapping app we are talking about is "Maples", which is operated by Map My India company. In India, this company provides mapping services integrated into the systems of many vehicles. You can download the Maps app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

When you approach a long bridge or highway exit, you are often confused about whether to go through the bridge or the exit, as Google Maps does not always provide this information. However, Maples displays the entire route separately in a 3D view and also provides voice-guided directions.

Sometimes in our haste, we forget that there are high-speed cameras installed on the roads which can send traffic violation fines directly to our mobile. To avoid this, Maples informs you in advance about all the speed cameras installed on the road and their specific speed limits.

The Maples app also keeps you informed in advance about road conditions, such as potholes. This ensures that your journey is comfortable and that you can enjoy your journey. This can potentially reduce accidents and damage to your vehicle due to potholes.

When you set out on a journey, you often have to pay toll tax. Maples notifies you in advance of the number of toll booths on your route and the exact amount to be deducted at each toll booth.

Ultimately, the Maps app offers several advantages over Google Maps, making it a valuable tool for travelers in India. It provides detailed information about routes, bridges and exit options, speed cameras, road conditions, and toll taxes, ensuring an easier and more informative journey.