Tech: Do you also stick to the smartphone throughout the day, then know about the side effects of the phone?


Nowadays every small work is done instantly with the help of a smartphone. That's why people are using it more and more. Because of this, they remain glued to the screen throughout the day. In such a situation, the health of the people is also at risk.


Damage to the eyes: Continuous use of smartphones puts stress on the eyes. This can cause problems like headaches, dryness in the eyes, and itching. In such a situation, you should avoid looking at the smartphone continuously.

Keep the phone away: When you talk for a long time on a call or watch a web series or movie, keep the phone away. Because it emits harmful rays. Similarly, earphones can be used for calls.

Do not keep the phone near the chest: Sleeping at night by keeping the phone near the chest can be fatal and dangerous. In such a situation, one should try to avoid it.


Do not use a smartphone in the dark: Using a smartphone in the dark increases the risk of temporary blindness. In such cases, avoid using it in the dark.

Fix a time: To avoid the negative effects of the phone, a time should be fixed for this. Some apps allow you to set reminders.