Tech: Do not take the overheating of the phone lightly!


Smartphone Overheating: If the phone gets too hot then it is a matter of concern. If this keeps happening then the phone can get damaged. If you don't want this to happen then today we are going to tell you about some important tips which can solve the problem of phone overheating. 


1. In gaming phones, there are overclocked modes that enhance the performance of the phone. If you don't know if your phone has such a mode, check it. 

2. Using the phone continuously can heat the phone. If the phone gets hot in summer, the chances of it bursting increases. If you don't need to talk to people for a while, maybe put your device in airplane mode. 

3. Lower your screen's brightness as much as possible. This will use less battery, which will cause the device to heat up less. 

4. There is no doubt that mobile cover secures our phones. It is considered the best in winter. But use it with caution in summer. When you are using the phone at home or office, remove the cover. Because keeping the phone wrapped in hot water can prove to be dangerous. 

5. Just like you hide in the shade to escape the heat, your phone wants the same. Try your best to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, as sunlight can heat it very quickly. Even if you are at home, do not keep it near a window. Do not keep it under a blanket.