Tech: Do not send these 5 messages on WhatsApp Group even by mistake, police will treat you with batons


WhatsApp is such a messenger where we spend most of our time. WhatsApp group is the most active. It is where many messages come and most of the discussions also take place. If you also spend most of your day on WhatsApp group then you should know some rules.


Adult Content

If you share adult content on WhatsApp and a group member objects to it, he can file a police complaint against it and a case will also be registered against you. 

child crime

If you share content related to child crime on WhatsApp, be it text, photo or video, if it is objectionable then a police complaint can be made. You may even have to go to jail.

Anti National

If you send a video on WhatsApp group which has anti-national things in it, then you can get into trouble. If the group members do not like it, then a complaint can be lodged with the police and you can even be sent to jail.

Linked to violence

If you share any violent video (or any video that promotes violence) on WhatsApp group, you may have to visit the police station on the complaint of a group member or admin.


If you receive any type of MMS and share it on WhatsApp group, you may get into trouble. If any member complains, the police can question you and it is possible that a complaint may also be lodged.