Tech: Do not do this work even by mistake, the battery life of your smartphone will become longer!


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Whatever the battery capacity of the smartphone, a person can spoil the battery quickly due to some wrong habits, and sometimes it can even cause the phone to explode. Let us know what are the bad habits that can damage the smartphone battery and how they can be saved.

Keeping the phone on ice:

When the phone gets too hot, many people think of keeping it in ice to cool it down, but this can be harmful to the battery.

Excessive charging:

Charging the phone for a long time puts pressure on its battery, so it is best to remove the charger after the battery is charged. It is also better to charge the battery up to 95% instead of charging it up to 100%.


PC: ABP News

Ignoring heat:

Exposing the battery to excessive heat can increase its pressure and reduce its lifespan, which puts the battery at risk of fire.

Use of heavy charger:

Using a high-volt charger for fast charging can also damage the battery, so only chargers designed for the specific phone should be used.


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Using the battery even after it is at 0%:

Running the battery till it is completely drained can reduce its lifespan, so it is better to keep the battery between 20-80%.