Tech: Check if your phone number and email ID have been hacked, this way!


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In today's time, data leakage is not a big deal. Hackers can access your data from anywhere. Because while you are getting the benefit of the increasing technology, hackers are also getting the benefit from it. Your data is easily accessed through social media sites and sold on the dark web. Then later this data can be used to trap you. But now the question in your mind will be how to find out if your data has been leaked. We are going to tell you about this.

Your e-mail ID is included in which data leak?

If you want to find out whether your email ID is involved in any data leak or not then visit Now a page will open in front of you on which have I been pwned? Must have written.


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Then enter your Gmail ID in the search bar below it and press the pwned button. Within a few seconds, you will see whether your e-mail ID has been leaked or not. If your ID is ever leaked your entire screen will turn red. But if there is no leak then you will get “Good news – no pwnage found!” It will be written. On this site, you can also check your phone number to see if your number has been leaked in a data leak.