Tech: ​​​​​​​This special fan sprays water, 47 degree heat will disappear in minutes!


Water Sprinkler Fan:  The summer season has started troubling again as the mercury has started crossing 47 degrees. In such a situation, the air conditioner also does not work properly many times. You do not need to worry much to deal with this heat. Now you have the option of a sprinkler fan. If you do not want to waste money on air conditioners, then we are going to tell you about this option.  

what is option 

The option we are talking about is called Water Sprinkler Fan, which you can buy and use in summer. A water sprinkler fan gives you cool air by combining air and water splashes. This is the same kind of fan that you might have seen at a wedding or party. 

Will make hot air cool by spraying water

This is a powerful cooling fan. It cools the hot air by spraying water. This fan gives a wonderful air both inside and outside the house. The fan is connected to the water tap, there are small holes in the fan. After turning on the water tap, as soon as you turn on the fan, it will give strong air along with a shower of water. The special thing is that you can adjust how much sprinkler you need. You can adjust according to your needs. 

Also available on Amazon

This fan is available on Amazon. It can be purchased under the name HAVAI Mist Fan. The price of this fan is Rs 24,990, but you can buy it from Amazon for Rs 16,990. It occupies less space and being portable, you can carry it anywhere.