Tech ​​​​​​​: what is speciality of Crossbeats Intenz and Slide!


Crossbeats Intenz and Slide:  Smartwatch and wireless audio brand, Crossbeats has recently re-launched its two well-known true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds - Intenz and Slide. They have been launched with high-tech features. They have been launched for Rs 1599. They can be purchased from the Crossbeats website and online platforms like Amazon, and Flipkart. We have used them and now we will be able to reach some conclusion today we are going to tell you how these TWS are. 


what is speciality 

In Intense and Slide, customers not only get an attractive design but also an immersive audio experience. Its high-tech MEMS tweeters deliver benchmark sound. These become even more special with the smart touch control in Slide. It has a slide-to-open design. This design offers next-level features and audio experience. It gets an IPX5 rating and extended battery life for Strikethrough. 

Crossbeats Intenz offers an immersive audio experience with Captive Bass Audio technology that offers 87% more bass and 58% more treble. Its 13mm Ti drivers ensure concert-level audio quality, while its smooth design with the thinnest stem ever sets it apart in its segment. With a robust 400mAh battery that offers 60 hours of playtime and SnapCharge fast charging, users can enjoy an uninterrupted music experience. Premium leather case finish, metal components, and IPX5 rating add stability and style to the Intenz.

The filler of the Crossbeats Intenze is the Slide, which has a next-level slide-to-open build that sets it apart from traditional TWS earbuds. With smart touch controls, easy voice assistant access, and powerful 13mm neodymium drivers, the Slide delivers an exceptional audio experience in a compact and lightweight design. The AI ​​ENC mode cancels out external noise, allowing users to experience music without any disturbance. 

What is our decision 

If we talk about our decision, then this can prove to be a strong option for the customers in the budget range. Their design is also trendy and at the same time they are comfortable and can be worn for hours.