Taking Control: How to Prevent Instagram and Facebook from Tracking Your Online Activity


In a bid to address privacy concerns and grant users more control over their data, Meta has unveiled a new privacy feature named Activity Off-Meta Technologies. This setting empowers users to manage the information shared by apps and websites with Meta platforms, notably Facebook and Instagram. Given Meta's history of data tracking and selling user information for advertising, this tool is a significant step toward enhancing user privacy.

Key Points:

  1. Introduction of Activity Off-Meta Technologies:

Meta's new privacy setting, Activity Off-Meta Technologies, puts users in control of the data exchanged between apps, websites, and Meta platforms, providing a crucial layer of privacy and transparency.

2. Addressing Past Data Concerns:

Users can utilize this tool to inspect which businesses are sharing data with Meta, selectively disconnect specific ones, or clear all accumulated data. This feature empowers users to take charge of their online interactions with businesses and organizations.

3. Preventing Instagram Tracking:

To prevent Instagram from tracking your activity on other apps and websites:

    • Open the Instagram app, tap on your profile picture, and go to "Settings and Privacy."
    • Navigate to "Activity" and then "Activity Off Meta Technologies."
    • Enable "Disconnect Future Activity" to halt Instagram's tracking, and manage past activity as needed.

4. Halting Facebook Tracking:

To stop Facebook from tracking your online activity:

    • Visit your Facebook profile, click the three dots, and go to "Settings."
    • Select "Your Facebook Information" and then "Off-Facebook Activity."
    • Manage and toggle off "Future Off-Facebook Activity" to prevent tracking, and disconnect specific apps or websites if desired.

5. Additional Privacy Measures:

While these settings provide control over tracked data, users can enhance privacy further by:

    • Using private browsing mode.
    • Utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while browsing the internet.

It's important to note that while these measures help manage data within Meta's ecosystem, additional precautions may be necessary to safeguard against data collection by third-party advertisers.