Superfan: This industry-first product synchronizes with any AC!


Superfan: This industry-first product synchronizes with any AC to blow great air and offer you great energy efficiency. 


Superfan has announced the launch of its latest product – Superfan SuperQ Duocool. Keeping powerful cooling in mind, this fan has been designed to be enabled. It offers excellent energy efficiency. This fan uses IoT technology to seamlessly sync with the air conditioner and other non-smart home appliances, providing comfort to the users. 

What is speciality 

Launched as the first series of products under the Super Q series, the ceiling fan comes with smart controls. A user can use a dedicated mobile application to control the fan's settings, schedule, and energy analysis. It helps users access devices. Duocool also includes an 'Energy Analytics' feature that can perform real-time monitoring of energy consumption and other performance metrics. 

Duocool technology harnesses the power of IoT to make the ceiling fan a smart hub device that can connect to any non-smart appliance and pair in an IoT-connected network. Users can use a single remote to effectively and efficiently control all electrical thermal control devices like air conditioners. This is a unique BLDC fan that, with the ability to connect to the air conditioner, can run even with the AC set at a higher temperature and still offer the vigorous cooling effect of the lower temperature setting. Scheduling and automation can be activated through NFC tags paired with the corresponding mobile phone, adding another layer of automation as a Smartify hub.