Stop Unwanted Calls: Nowadays many companies keep calling users for promotions!


Unwanted Calls and Messages: If you want to block unwanted calls and messages on your phone forever, then today we are going to tell you the way to do this so that you can block these annoying calls forever. 


Ways to permanently block unwanted calls and messages:

1. DND (Do Not Disturb) सेवा:

Call your mobile service provider on 1909.

You will be given instructions to activate the DND service.

You can select the range of numbers from which you do not want to receive calls and messages.

This service is free.

2. Third-party apps:

There are many third-party apps available that can help you block unwanted calls and messages.

Some of these apps are free, while others require you to pay.

Some popular third-party apps include Truecaller, CallBlocker, and SMS Blocker.

3. Smartphone settings:

Most smartphones have built-in features to block unwanted calls and messages.

You can find these features in your phone's settings.

Using these features you can block specific numbers or block numbers that are not in your contacts.

4. National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC):

You can register your mobile number with NDNC.

This service is free.

Once you register your number with NDNC, you should not receive calls and messages from telemarketers.

pay attention:

It may take some time to register with NDNC.

Some telemarketers do not comply with NDNC.

Also keep in mind:

You should not block numbers from which you receive important calls and messages.

You should be careful before blocking numbers you are not familiar with.

Hope this information is useful for you.

other ways:

You can turn on "Do Not Disturb" mode on your phone.

You can turn on "Airplane Mode" on your phone.

You can turn on "Silent Mode" on your phone.

Using these methods you can temporarily block all calls and messages.