Star Meco: Your Protective Shield


When we imagine developing India, we see that the citizens of India are playing an important role in developing India, during which they have to travel a lot and have to carry many types of gadgets with them and when they fall. Or if they are lost, there is a lot of sadness and business loss, to avoid this, “Starmico Techmarketing” has prepared a product named “Star Meco” Star Meco is such a unique user-friendly product in the world that is the history of mankind. STAR MECO will be the biggest gift ever for STAR MECO every item whose safety we want to ensure STAR MECO will play an important role in this your item which has STAR MECO sticker on it, if that item gets lost then star Meco will be useful to you if any person gets that item and he sees Star Meco's sticker on it, then, in that case, he can scan it with any of his scanner apps and contact you according to the function given on it.

• In the event of a vehicle accident: - In the event of a vehicle accident, the driver and his companions are not in a position to handle themselves, in that case, the passer-by or the police scan the "Star Meco" QR code by looking at it. By doing this, you can tell the relatives of the driver that your relatives have become an accident here, please come as soon as possible and at the same time which hospital are the policemen taking them, what treatment is being given to them, their family members will be updated immediately. Keeps getting it if it is seen that after the accident, the relatives of the driver can get the information at the same time.

• In-Vehicle Parking Problem: - "Star Meco" is playing an important role in vehicle parking problem if any vehicle has been parked wrong or he has parked his vehicle in someone else's parking, in that case, we by scanning the "Star Meco" sticker on his car, talk to that person and get that vehicle removed from there