Special feature was launched for integration between Facebook Messenger and Instagram, users will get a lot of work


Facebook has launched the Cross-App Group Chat feature for Messenger and Instagram. Through this feature, users can do group chats with contacts from Messenger and Instagram. Apart from this, the group typing indicator feature has also been rolled out.

Social media company Facebook has introduced several features to improve the integration between its two popular mobile apps Instagram and Messenger. These include cross-app group chat, group typing indicators, and polls. Coming to the cross-app group chat feature, allows users to have group chats between their Instagram and Messenger contacts, while the group typing indicator feature lets users see other members of the group typing. Apart from this, along with improving the Watch Together feature of Instagram, several attractive chat themes have also been added to Messenger.

Facebook has said that more than 70 percent of users are using the new features by updating Instagram. In addition to one-on-one chats, users can create groups and chat between Instagram and Messenger contacts. Not only this, but users will also get the facility of new chat themes and custom reactions in the group.

Polls feature

The company has supported the Polls feature in Instagram as well as in cross-group chat. With the arrival of this feature, users will be able to connect better with their friends and followers.

Updated Watch Together feature

Facebook has updated the Watch Together feature. Now users can watch trending videos on Instagram together with their friends under this feature. Apart from this, many chat themes and AR effects have been added for the users.