Sonu Sood's WhatsApp account blocked, number gets blocked due to these mistakes


Sonu Sood WhatsApp Account Blocked: Sanu Sood has complained on social media about WhatsApp account being blocked. He has asked WhatsApp to activate his WhatsApp number as soon as possible. Sood says that many people want help from him but due to the number being blocked, they are not able to contact him.

Sonu Sood's WhatsApp account blocked, number gets blocked due to these mistakes

WhatsApp blocked Sonu Sood's account.

Sanu Sood, a famous actor and who came forward to help everyone during the Corona period, is facing difficulties at this time. Social media platform WhatsApp has blocked his WhatsApp account. He expressed his anger on Instagram and X (earlier Twitter). Sood said that his WhatsApp number has been closed for the last 36 hours, WhatsApp is very useful in helping people. In such a situation, Sood has requested that his WhatsApp account should be restored as soon as possible.

Sonu Sood has also shared screenshots of the blocked WhatsApp account on social media. Sood wrote on X, “My number is not working on WhatsApp. I have faced this problem many times. I think you should upgrade your service now.” This post tells that this has happened to him before also.

Sonu Sood complained on social media

Sood has written in another post that my account is still not working. It's been more than 36 hours. You should pay attention to this. Message me on my account as soon as possible. Hundreds of people must be trying to contact for help.

At present it is not clear why WhatsApp has blocked Sonu Sood's account. There are many reasons behind banning WhatsApp account. Your small mistake can get your WhatsApp account closed.

WhatsApp account may be banned for these mistakes

  1. If you violate the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, the company can block your WhatsApp number. If you commit the mistakes mentioned here, action can be taken against you to ban your account.
  2. Do not use third party apps to run WhatsApp. Using third party apps for WhatsApp is a violation of the company's policy. Using apps like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Delta may get your WhatsApp account banned.
  3. You may have to face action if you create a WhatsApp account with someone else's personal information. You can use WhatsApp only with your details. Using WhatsApp with someone else's identity can result in your account being banned.
  4. Your account can also be blocked by sending unnecessary messages to an unknown person. Do not continuously send messages to someone you do not know. Repeatedly sending messages or harassing unknown persons is considered a violation of company policy.
  5. If your WhatsApp number has been blocked by many people, then a wrong image of your account is created in front of the company. WhatsApp feels that spam or fake messages are being sent from this number, hence the number can be blocked.
  6. Sending illegal messages or sending obscene content or threatening messages through WhatsApp is a violation of the policy. If you do any work against the terms and conditions and policy of WhatsApp, action can be taken to block the WhatsApp account.