Smart Tips: Smart Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill!


Smart Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill: In summer, coolers and ACs are used in almost all houses to keep the house cool. But, due to this the electricity bill also increases a lot. If you are also troubled by your electricity bill then do not worry. Today we will tell you some smart tips, by adopting which you can reduce your electricity bill. Let us tell you about them. 


Buy electric appliances with 5-star BEE rating

To reduce electricity bills during summer, definitely check the BEE rating while buying a fan, air conditioner, or any other electrical item. A 5-star rating provides the most savings. 5-star appliances consume the least electricity. 


Install BLDC fans

BLDC fans consume less electricity. These can save up to 60% electricity compared to normal fans. Apart from this, facilities like remote, timer and voice assistant are also available in them, which makes their use easy and fun. These are very effective in saving electricity bills. 

Use solar energy

You may not be able to fully utilize solar energy in your home, but you can install solar lights and fans on your balcony or garden. These provide more benefits at less cost.

Use the air conditioner properly


Use an air conditioner (AC) properly to keep the room cool in summer. Keep the temperature of AC at 24 degrees Celsius. Also, use a timer and buy an air conditioner with a 5-star rating.

Get a smart meter installed

You can get a smart meter installed in your house. These tell you in real-time how much electricity you are using. With this, you can prevent the wastage of electricity. Also, use LED lights that consume less power.