Smart Technology: It is easy to identify cervical cancer in its first stage, this machine gives the report in just 15-20 minutes!


Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in India. Every year approximately 95,000 women suffer from this disease and more than 60,000 women die. This figure is worrying due to late detection and limited treatment options.

Indigenous colonoscopy: a boon

This new technology is more affordable and easier to use than traditional colonoscopy, which is expensive and complex. It can also be set up in rural health centers and small hospitals, allowing women to access essential healthcare services.


How does it work?

This technology uses AI to identify abnormal tissues of the cervix. This enables healthcare workers to accurately locate CIN lesions and quickly remove them by a procedure called thermal ablation.

Thermal ablation

Thermal ablation is a non-invasive procedure in which abnormal tissues of the cervix are burned away using radio waves. This procedure can be completed in 40 seconds and is less painful.

Training being given 

AIIMS is currently training health workers to use this new technology. In the coming months, this technology will be installed in various health centers across the country.