Sim Card Swapping: Frauds caused by SIM card swapping will now be stopped, this new rule will be implemented!



In this era of technology, cyber fraud is also increasing rapidly. In view of the increasing cases of cyber fraud, the government is also taking many steps. SIM swapping is such a fraud through which many people are becoming victims of cyber fraud. Now to deal with this fraud, the Central Government is bringing new guidelines, after which the rules for porting SIM cards will change.

What is the new rule of porting?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced a new rule to prevent SIM card swapping fraud, which will be implemented across the country from July 1, 2024. According to this new rule, if you swap your SIM card immediately, you will not be able to port it immediately. This means that if you get a new SIM card or replace it, you will have to wait for seven days before you can port it. TRAI says that this will reduce cyber fraud.

What is SIM swapping?

SIM swapping means changing the SIM card. SIM swapping is done whenever the SIM card gets damaged or the phone is lost. In such a situation, we replace the old SIM with a new one but the number remains the same. In recent times, cybercriminals are taking advantage of this system and tricking people. They call the SIM card company and use your Aadhaar card details to convince them that the number is theirs. Then, they deactivate your SIM card, activate a new SIM card, and transfer all the OTPs to the new number. By the time you realize it, your bank account is empty.