SIM Card: How to get a SIM card blocked on the TAFCOP portal!


Sim Block:  If you have purchased multiple SIMs on your ID, some of which you are not using, then now these SIM cards can be blocked very easily. The Government of India had come up with a website some time ago named TAFCOP (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection). It is operated by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of the Government of India. 


By visiting the TAFCOP portal you can get the following done:

1. You can see how many SIMs are running in your name.

2. Unwanted SIM can be switched off.

3. Can view the details of your SIM, such as SIM number, issue date, etc.

4. You can register a complaint about your SIM.

To access the TAFCOP portal, you need to enter your UID card number and date of birth. You will also receive an OTP, which you will have to enter.

The TAFCOP portal is an important tool that helps mobile customers avoid fraud with their SIM. This portal provides an easy way for mobile customers to get information about their SIMs and to close unwanted SIMs.

To access the TAFCOP portal, you can follow the following steps:

1.Go to the TAFCOP portal website

. 2. Click on "Login".

3. Enter your Aadhar card number and date of birth.

4. Click on "Generate OTP".

5. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number.

6. Click on "Login".

7. Once you are logged in, you can access all the features of the TAFCOP portal.

How to get a SIM card blocked on the TAFCOP portal 

1. Once you are logged in, click on the "Deactivate SIM" tab.

2. The list of all SIM cards issued in your name will appear. Click on the "Deactivate" button in front of the SIM card you want to deactivate.

3. A pop-up window will appear asking you to select the reason for blocking the SIM card. Select the reason and click "Submit".

4. Once you click on "Submit", the SIM card selected by you will be locked.

5. There is no charge for the closure of a SIM card on the TAFCOP portal. The process of disabling the SIM card is usually completed within 24 hours.

Note that if the SIM card you deactivate is linked to a bank account or other important services, you will need to inform that service provider.