Should UPI payment be made from the main account? Will this be beneficial or harmful, know here!



To relax in your hectic routine, you often take a break for tea during office hours. Many times payment is made using a QR code at tea shops outside the office. Similarly, many other payments like parking charges, toll tax, groceries and online shopping are done by scanning the QR code. If you have linked your UPI (Unified Payments Interface) to your account for all these payments, it may cause more harm than good. Here, we elaborate on the matter.

To which account to connect UPI?

If you mostly make online payments, it is advisable to maintain a separate account specifically for this purpose. In which money should be kept according to daily expenses. Having an alternative account offers many benefits.


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Will be safe from fraud

Linking UPI to an alternate account instead of the main account ensures that only a limited amount is available. In case of fraud, only the money available in the alternate account will be withdrawn and you will suffer less loss.

Will be able to track the budget

By keeping money in an alternate account based on daily expenses, you can maintain a proper budget. This will reduce your unnecessary expenses.


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Interest will be available in savings account

Transferring money to an alternate account linked to UPI for daily expenses can also provide additional benefits. You can earn interest on the main account, as it will contain more significant funds. You may miss out on these benefits by linking UPI to the main account.