Set your name caller tune in your phone, callers will go crazy!



Nowadays people are making many efforts to make their smartphones even better. New updates and features are continuously coming into the market. Now take this name-caller tune only. However, it has been in the market for a long time and many people might know about it. People are now using this feature to make callers crazy about them. The process of setting it is very simple and through the easy process given here, you can also set the caller tune of your name.

Follow the following procedure to set your name caller tune:

  • Go to the MyJio app and select the JioTunes option.
  • After going to the JioTunes page, click on the option "Name Jio Tune".
  • On the Name JioTune page, you can search your name Jio Tune for which you have to type your name in the search bar and click on search.
  • Here you will get options of your name tunes available in different voices and languages. Select your favourite tune and click "Set".
  • After this process, when someone calls you they will hear your name-caller tune which you have set.



After following this process, now whenever someone calls your phone, he will hear the caller's tune of your name. Which you might have set yourself. By following this process you can set caller tune with any name.

After following this process, if someone calls you, he will hear the caller tune of your name. By following this process you can set caller tune with any name.