Second Hand iPhone: If you are buying a second-hand iPhone then you should also check these things before buying it!



People often look for ways to buy cheap iPhones online. Some people choose to buy a second-hand iPhone due to its higher price, which may not fit everyone's budget. Although buying a second-hand device can be a good deal, it is important to check a few things before making a purchase. Otherwise, you may have to spend more money to get it repaired than what you bought your phone for.

Check purchase proof first

Whenever you are buying a second-hand iPhone, always ask for the purchase receipt from the seller. Both hard copy and soft copy of the original receipt will suffice.

Often old phones also come with a warranty. Having the original receipt can help you verify the phone's warranty details.

Check serial number

To verify the warranty, go to the iPhone's Settings, go to the "General" option, and click on the "About" section. Here, you can check the iPhone serial number. Copy this serial number and enter it on to check all details.

Pay attention to battery health.

It is very important to check the health of the iPhone's battery. If the battery capacity is above 80%, the phone is generally okay to buy. However, if it's less than that, you may want to reconsider.

To check the battery's health, go to iPhone's Settings, then click the "Battery" option. Here, click on "Battery Health and Charging". If you can't check the battery status, the iPhone is probably a fake.

Performance Information

In the latest iPhones, you can easily check whether the display has been replaced or repaired at an unofficial service centre. To check this, go to iPhone's Settings, click on "Display & Brightness" and you can activate "True Tone". If you can't activate it, there's a high chance that the iPhone has been repaired.

If you keep these things in mind while buying an iPhone, you can avoid possible problems. Also, check the body of the iPhone for any scratches or dents. This will help you decide whether you should purchase the device or not.