Scam: What is the scam to earn money by liking Whatsapp, or Youtube videos? Don't get greedy otherwise, you will become poor!


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WhatsApp is used by almost everyone today. If you are also a WhatsApp user then you need to be more alert now. The incidents of cheating people through WhatsApp are increasing at this time. So if someone lures you to get rich quickly on WhatsApp, don't fall for it. Because WhatsApp's earning offers can make you poor.

Cybercriminals are offering people to earn thousands of rupees sitting comfortably at home by sending messages on WhatsApp. A link has also been sent with this message. By clicking on this link, you will be added to the Telegram group. Tasks like reviewing or liking videos in the group are given to earn huge amounts of money. In return, some fee is charged first. After taking a few rupees, the fraudsters add some more money to the user's account along with the amount given by them. Due to this users trust the fraudsters and start investing huge amounts in greed to earn money. Later, when more money is deposited, the fraudsters leave with the money.


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What is written in the message?

Many attractive offers are given in these WhatsApp messages sent from international numbers. One such message sent on WhatsApp reads, 'Part-time job available, which you can do from home with the help of a mobile phone. Also, you can earn 200 to 3000 rupees per day. You only need to work 10-30 minutes. Newly joining users will get Rs.50. Reply by writing 1 and clicking on the link to join.

YouTube video scam

As per a report in India Today, scammers on WhatsApp are offering huge sums of money to watch YouTube videos and take membership in certain channels. A scammed WhatsApp user said he received a message asking him to earn money by watching YouTube videos on WhatsApp. After clicking on the link, he was added to the Telegram group. There he was asked to invest first to earn money by watching YouTube videos. After depositing some amount, he was asked for money to resume work. Not only was he not given a job, but he also lost a lot of money.


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What is Movie Rating Scam?

Some WhatsApp messages offer a hefty amount for watching and rating movies. Lakhs of rupees were cheated by a woman in the name of one such message. People are also being cheated in the name of rating restaurants on WhatsApp. The method is the same, the only difference is that by giving a rating to the restaurant, greed is being given to earn a lot of money sitting at home. These criminals extorted Rs 7.6 lakh from a WhatsApp user in Pune.