Scam Alert: Do not make these mistakes on social media otherwise you too can become a victim of a honey trap!


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Social media is a platform where coming face to face with strangers is common, but a small mistake on social media can have serious consequences. There have been cases where people fell victim to social media honey traps, resulting in huge financial losses.

Cyber ​​Dost, the official government account on microblogging platform X, has shared a post on social media advising people to be cautious of honey traps. Before exploring mistakes to avoid on social media, let's understand what a honey trap is.

What is a honey trap?

A honey trap is a complex scheme where women lure people in romantic ways. When people fall prey to attraction the real game of deception begins.

Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

If you want to avoid getting caught in the honey trap, then think twice before chatting with an unknown girl on social media.

Verify the identity of the person on the other end before proceeding with the conversation.

If any girl tries to extort money by cheating you on social media, then lodge a complaint immediately.

Do not send friend requests to any unknown girl on social media and do not accept requests from unknown girls.

If a girl initiates a video call on social media, avoid answering the call. It is possible that your video call is being recorded and this recording can be used for blackmailing later.

Cybercrime helpline number

By being alert you can avoid getting trapped in the honey trap. However, if for any reason you find yourself entangled in this scheme, the first step is to call the government's cybercrime national helpline number 1930 and lodge a complaint.