Satellite messaging feature will now be available in iPhone!


Apple WWDC 2024:  Apple has surprised everyone by introducing a satellite messaging feature in iOS 18. This feature allows users of the iPhone 14 and above series to send and receive SOS messages even when there is no cellular connectivity. Using this, messages can be sent without a network connection. This is like an emergency feature and in such a situation, if you reach a remote area where you are not able to get a network, then you can send messages very easily.


How does this work?

The new A16 Bionic chip in iPhone 14 includes a powerful Globalstar modem chip.

When you're not connected to a cellular tower, the iPhone automatically searches for available satellites.

When a connection is established, you can send and receive SOS messages, share your location, and contact SOS services.

Why is it special?

It can be a lifesaver for people who travel to remote areas or get caught in natural disasters.

It is also useful for climbers, campers, and others who participate in outdoor activities.

It can be a vital means of communication for people living in rural areas deprived of cellular networks.

Some important points:

Satellite messaging is limited to SOS messages only. You cannot use it to send or receive regular text messages.

This feature is only available to iPhone 14 series users.

Satellite messaging requires clear skies.

This service is not free. Apple has not yet announced its prices.

Overall, satellite messaging in the iPhone is a revolutionary feature that can help people stay connected in a crisis. It has the potential to save lives and improve communications in remote areas.