Samsung New Launch: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra!


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra:  Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series some time ago, whose top model Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers a powerful feature. This feature is nothing less than magic. Now you can talk on the phone in two different languages ​​and hear the translation in real time from both sides. The new S24 smartphone will have a special AI assistant that can do real-time translation in 13 different languages. This means that you can talk to anyone in their language and they will also be able to listen in your language.


How does this work?

Samsung itself has trained this AI assistant, which after listening to your voice and the other person's voice, will immediately convert it into another language. That means you will not need any third-party app or internet.

This feature will not only make it easier to talk to foreigners, but it will also be very helpful for people who speak different languages. The special thing is that this phone will remember which language you speak and what is the language of each of your contacts. This information will be saved, so there will be no need to change anything every time you make a call. Samsung says that this feature will prove to be very useful for those who make a lot of foreign calls or those who travel a lot.