Samsung: Features of Samsung Refrigerators!


Samsung has launched three new refrigerators with AI inverter compressors in India. This new technology optimizes motor and energy efficiency to ensure the best cooling results and save power costs. Samsung is giving 20 20-year warranty on these AI inverter compressors. Let us now know in detail about the price, features, and specs of these new refrigerators of Samsung...


Samsung Refrigerators Price In India

Prices of these new refrigerators in India start from ₹ 1,72,900. The 809L Four-Door Flex French Door is priced at Rs 3,55,000, the 650L Four Door French Convertible in Clean White+Glass finish is priced at Rs 1,88,900 and the Black Caviar+Steel finish is priced at Rs 1,72,900. 

You can buy it from Samsung's website, Amazon, Flipkart, Samsung stores, and shops selling electronic goods across India. If you give your old fridge, Samsung can also give you a discount of up to ₹ 15,000 in return, depending on the condition of your old fridge. Apart from this, if you buy the fridge from Samsung's website using ICICI Bank credit or debit card, you can also get a direct discount of ₹ 21,500.

Features of Samsung Refrigerators

These new Samsung fridges come in two sizes – 650 liters and 809 liters. A new AI inverter compressor is installed in both fridges. This compressor saves power, you can use up to 10% less electricity! Besides, it also runs very quietly, its sound is only 35 decibels maximum.

The larger 809-liter model comes with a special 80cm Family Hub screen. With the help of cameras installed inside the fridge, this screen tells you what things are kept inside. Additionally, from this screen, you can change the temperature of the fridge and can even suggest cooking recipes based on the ingredients in your fridge. The smaller 650-litre model does not have a Family Hub screen, but it offers smart connectivity via WiFi. You can also control these fridges from your smartphone running on Android and iOS platforms using the Samsung SmartThings app.

Other features of Samsung Refrigerators

These new Samsung fridges come with many more special features, like – you can move the glass shelves up and down to easily store the things inside. You can also convert the freezer compartment into a refrigerator as per your need. The best part is that these fridges do not automatically freeze ice! Both size models come with an automatic ice maker, which prepares and keeps ice for you. Samsung is giving 20 20-year warranty on its new AI inverter compressor. The company says that these new compressors provide four times more stability than the earlier compressors, due to which they consume very little electricity.