Room Cooling Tips: Some easy ways by which you can keep your room cool without AC and cooler!


House Cooling Tips:  Nowadays, the summer season is going on in the whole country. People are so troubled by the heat that they are hesitant to even step out of the house. To avoid the heat, people prefer to stay in front of the AC or cooler most of the time. People use AC and coolers in their homes and offices to avoid the heat. In many places in the country, the temperature has reached 45 - 50 degrees. In such a situation, the temperature of the room on the top floor of the house is the highest. It is the hottest there. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for any person to live in such a place. 


It becomes impossible to live on the top floor of the house without AC or a cooler. But, what should a person do if he has to live on the top floor of the house? Today we are going to tell you some easy ways by which you can keep your room cool without AC and cooler. Let us tell you what you have to do. 

open the windows

Open the windows early in the morning and in the evening when the air is a little cooler. This will allow fresh air to enter the room. If possible, open windows on two opposite sides of the house so that there is good airflow. 

Install a fan

By placing a fan on the window, you can push out the hot air and draw in the cool air at night. This helps in keeping the room temperature low.

Put up blackout curtains

You can put blackout curtains on the windows to reduce the heat in the room. These curtains block the sunlight and hence the room does not get heated. Keeping the curtains closed during the day keeps the room cool.

Apply cling film to windows

This film reflects sunlight, which reduces the heat in the room. It will also cost you less money and this method is quite beneficial. 

portable fan and ice

Fill a bowl with ice and place a fan in front of it. The fan will blow air over the ice, causing the cool air to spread throughout the room. This is the most effective way to keep the room cool. 

keep drinking water

Along with the room, you also need to take care of yourself. It is important to drink plenty of water to keep your body temperature right. Drink cold water when you feel thirsty so that you stay hydrated. 

Plant trees

Some plants like ferns and snake plants release moisture into the atmosphere, which keeps the room cool. You can plant these plants near the room. 

Roof insulation

You can also get the roof insulated to prevent heat from getting trapped. By getting the roof insulated the heat will not reach the room below. 

Roof Coating

To keep the room cool, roof coating can be done on the roof which sends back the heat of the sun. This will keep the room cool to a great extent.