Replying to emails has become even easier, this change is coming in Gmail!


Google: Google is changing the way to quickly reply to emails in its Gmail app. Google has revamped the way to reply after months of testing. Now the company is rolling it out. With this change, you will now be able to reply to emails even more easily. Let us tell you about it in detail. 


What has changed?

Earlier when you opened an email in the Gmail app, there used to be three different buttons below it to reply to the email - Reply, Reply All, and Forward. But now this is going to change. Now these buttons have been replaced by a text box, which will always appear at the bottom of the screen. 

This new text box allows users to write a reply directly as soon as they open the email. Earlier, users had to scroll down the screen to reply to an email and had to go to a separate screen to write a reply. If you have to write a long reply, you can also make this text box bigger. Meaning, you can also open this text box in full-screen view. 

Benefit for users 

This new method will be very useful for giving short replies or writing in a hurry. With its help, users can write the reply directly while reading the email and there will be no interruption in between. There is also an attachment button next to this text box so that you can easily attach a file or photo to your reply. 

Users do not need to download any special app 

If you want to write a complete reply or change Reply All, Forward, or receiver, you can do this. There are three dots near the reply bar, pressing which gives you all these options. This new change is gradually coming to the Gmail of all Android users. For this, you do not need to download any new app. This change will be done automatically by Google.