Relief for iPhone users! It will be easy to report any kind of fraud activity, Apple brought a new update


Apple is going to add a new button named Report a Problem in its App Store. This tool was missing in the app for a long time. The new button will help iPhone users to report any kind of fraudulent app or scam.

Apple is preparing to add a new button called 'Report a Problem' to its App Store soon. This tool was missing in the app for a long time. This new button will help iPhone users to report any kind of fraud working app or any kind of scam. 

Users on Twitter gave information about the new button

Several users have reported on Twitter that the button has been added to the App Store, including developer Costa Eleftherios. The new development seems to have been rolled out as part of the iOS 15 update. The button will allow users to report fraud apps easily. Scam hunter Costa Eleftherio revealed in a tweet that the button is not only back in individual app listings for the first time in years, but it now also includes a dedicated "Report a Scam or Fraud" option in the drop-down menu.

How does the Report a Problem button work?

Previously, the "Report a Problem" option was buried at the bottom of the Apps & Games tab in the App Store. Now, as of iOS 15, the "Report a Problem" button has been given a far more prominent place. Tapping the button takes users to a dedicated website where one can choose to request a refund, report a quality issue, find their content, report objectionable content, report a scam or fraud, and more. Previously, it only showed "Report suspicious activity", "Report a quality issue", "Request a refund" or "Find my content", but did not show a "Report scam or fraud" button.

Apple recently announced new marketing tools for App Store developers to promote their applications. The launch of the new marketing tool comes ahead of the release of iOS 15 and Watch OS8.

Bug in iOS 15 - Users complained

Apple recently launched its latest iPhone 13 series and iOS 15. Users have reported that there are various bugs in iOS 15 that are causing problems with certain device activities. Users have reported experiencing an issue about not being able to unlock their new phone using their Apple Watch. Apple has now acknowledged the issue and announced that it is releasing an update, which will fix the issue soon.

“Apple has identified an issue where an iPhone 13 unlocked with the Apple Watch may not work with the device. If you try to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask, or you may not be able to set up unlock with Apple Watch, you may see 'Unable to communicate with Apple Watch,' the company said. said. The fix is ​​now available to everyone using iOS 15 and the software update is approximately 553.7MB.

Users who haven't received the update can turn off Unlock with Apple Watch and use your passcode to unlock their iPhone 13 until the new iOS 15.1 is updated on your device.