Predictive AI: AI will tell the date and time of death, how accurate is the prediction, this is how it works


Technology Desk, New Delhi. In this era of AI, the date of death can be ascertained. Yes, with Predictive AI (Predictive artificial intelligence) you can get advanced information about the events happening in your future.

What is predictive artificial intelligence?

First of all, let us understand what Predictive AI is.

Predictive artificial intelligence can be understood as the ability of a computer program to recognize patterns and predict behavior using statistical analysis.

Along with this, AI can predict future events in advance with this ability.

Now the question will come to your mind how can AI give advance information about the future by using statistical analysis?

What needs to be understood here is that statistics have been used to predict the future for a long time.

In such a situation, predictive AI, with its statistical analysis capabilities (machine learning and the ability to access large amounts of data), can provide faster and more accurate information than before.

With predictive AI, companies can plan for the future to provide personalized experiences to their customers.

How does predictive AI work?

Predictive AI works with three factors – these include large amounts of data, machine learning, and pattern recognition –

More data

For better forecasting, data must be available in large quantities. The more data you have, the better the analysis can be.

For example, an AI model can issue some predictions regarding future elections. For this, the AI model will need thousands and lakhs of onion polls, which have already been conducted.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a special factor for AI. Machine learning helps computer programs identify data. Computer programs don't even need humans to do this.

Predictive AI also uses machine learning to collect large data. A predictive AI model can process large amounts of data without the need for humans.

Pattern recognition

Predictive AI identifies patterns and presents a specific type of information. Predictive AI can check thousands of factors to identify patterns.

These factors are seen in association with a particular future event. These factors serve as indicators to identify future incidents.