Police issued a warning regarding WhatsApp Pink, from leaking your private photos to your bank account can be empty!


pc: Indian info exchange

WhatsApp Pink is currently a trending application in India and is claimed to provide additional features to users. As the name suggests, the most distinguishing feature of the app is its pink logo. While the new color and promise of features may excite users, it is worth noting that this app is very dangerous and can leak your private images online or empty your bank account. Since it is not an official application, it is not available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but over the past few weeks, several Android smartphone users have installed spoof apps via APK files. Mumbai Police has issued a warning to keep users safe from the dangerous fake WhatsApp app.

In a Twitter post, the Mumbai Police said, "WhatsApp Pink - A red alert for Android users", along with a picture detailing the consequences as well as measures to protect yourself from the scam.

The picture reads, "The recent news circulating among WhatsApp users about 'new pink look WhatsApp with additional features' is a rumor that can hack your mobile through software."


PC: Odisha TV

"It is not an uncommon instance when fraudsters adopt various new tricks and methods to lure gullible users into their net to commit cyber frauds. It is the need of the users to be aware, alert, and attentive Types of Fraud and Staying Safe in the Digital World."

Downloading WhatsApp in pink can lead to misuse of contacts numbers and pictures saved on mobile phones, financial loss, misuse of your reputation, spam messages, and many more. People are advised to immediately uninstall the fake app downloaded on their mobile by going to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp (pink logo).

You should never click on links received from unknown sources without proper verification and authentication. Also, you should always install apps through the official app stores of Google or iOS, or through a legitimate website.

Always keep in mind not to share your personal details or financial information like login credentials, passwords, credit or debit card details, and other such information with anyone online as it can be misused. Also, be aware and alert of such attempts by cyber criminals by keeping an eye on the latest news and updates on the activities of cyber fraudsters.