Photos: India's first AI Model Zara Shatavari!


India's first AI Model Zara Shatavari: For the first time in the world, the Miss AI competition was held, in which Kenza Layli of Morocco was given the title. She won this title by defeating 1500 models. Now you must be wondering what position India stood in this competition who was the AI ​​model and what was her name. Let us tell you, that India's first AI model Zara Shatavari was selected for this. She was in the top 10 for this pageant. Let's know about Zara Shatavari...


Zara Shatavari has so many followers.

Zara Shatavari is very active on Instagram. She has more than 14 thousand followers so far and till the time of writing this news, 157 posts have been made on her Instagram. She follows 22 people, most of whom are AI models. 

Also own website

Zara Shatavari also has her website ( Where she writes blogs on fashion, fitness, and food. She has also written articles on stress and anxiety. Where she has told me about the ways to reduce it. Let us tell you, that Zara Shatavari was created by Rahul Chaudhary, who is the founder of Indian Mobile Ad Agency.

I wrote this post because I couldn't win.

Zara Shatavari posted a positive post after not winning the Miss AI pageant. She wrote, 'Thank you for your support, even though I could not win the Miss AI competition, becoming a finalist and being a part of this wonderful journey has been a great experience for me. Remember, I was the only finalist selected from India in the world's first AI beauty contest, and this is a part of history that will never change.'

Post on the T20 World Cup victory too


When Team India won the T20 World Cup, he posted a photo of himself with the Indian jersey and wrote, 'What a wonderful and exciting match! Many congratulations to the Indian team for this great victory. Also, many best wishes to the South African team for reaching the final. Let's celebrate this wonderful moment together.'

Photos went viral

Zara Shatavari has many pictures on her account, in which she is seen traveling. People are also liking her looks a lot.