Phone Battery Tips- Do not do these things to protect the phone's battery from getting damaged, it may even cause fire.


In the age of smartphones , our affection for these devices often exceeds self-care , leading to unintended consequences. Battery damage not only causes damage to our phone , but can also have a negative impact on our own health. Today, through this article, we will learn about those habits with the help of which you can keep your phone in good condition, let us know about them-

Overcharging Problems:

Charging your phone for long periods of time can put unnecessary strain on the battery. To maximize battery lifespan , experts recommend unplugging the charger when the battery reaches around 95%.

Dealing with battery overheating:

Exposing the battery to excessive heat can shorten its lifespan and even cause battery fire , especially during rapid charging. Prefer medium charging speed to prevent overheating and ensure long battery life.

Voltage Dilemma:

It may be tempting to opt for a higher watt charger in an effort to speed up charging , but there are risks. Using a charger specifically designed for your phone model is important to avoid unnecessary stress on the battery and reduce the risk of damage.

Avoid decreasing to zero:

Letting your battery drain completely can have permanent consequences. It is recommended to maintain the battery level between 20% and 80% for best performance and extended lifespan.


App overload:

Running multiple apps at once , especially apps that run in the background , can drain your battery faster. Closing unnecessary background apps reduces performance pressure , preserving battery life for essential tasks.

Be careful with battery saver apps:

Contrary to their name , battery saver apps can sometimes increase battery consumption. These apps running continuously in the background can compromise performance and increase overall battery usage. Evaluate their need and frequency of use.