People are being scammed in the name of KYC update, be alert if you receive messages on your phone!



Many times bank accounts are closed due to Know Your Customer (KYC) details not being updated in the account. To take advantage of this situation, cyber fraudsters have adopted a new tactic. In this, cyber criminals pressure individuals to update the KYC details of their bank account and then empty the account.

It is important to note that banks never ask for KYC details through messages or phone calls. If you get such a call then you should be alert and keep your banking information safe.

How fraudsters prepare to scam:

Cyber ​​fraudsters first decide which bank and branch your account belongs to. Once they get this information, they contact you via call or message and claim that your bank account is being temporarily closed due to non-submission of KYC details. Hearing this, individuals often become nervous and start disclosing various details sought by the scammers. Taking advantage of this situation, cyber criminals wipe out your account.


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Account will be cleared as soon as banking details are received:

As soon as cybercriminals get your banking details, they gain access to your account and withdraw money. It is important to know that banks never ask for information like KYC details over the phone or through SMS. In such a situation, if you receive a call, it is advised to contact your branch immediately.

Alert issued by banks:

Banks regularly issue alerts to their customers due to KYC scams. These alerts emphasize that banks never request KYC details through calls or SMS. If you receive any such call, it is necessary to contact your branch immediately.