Paytm Fastag will be closed from today, so know what will happen to the balance in it!



If you have a Paytm Payments Bank FASTag and want to be able to still use it, you will have to port it to another bank. Here I am telling you the process to port Fastag:

Process to port Fastag:

Deactivate Paytm Payments Bank's FASTag:

First, you need to deactivate Paytm Payments Bank's FASTag. You have to go to the website of Paytm Payments Bank and go to the FASTag option. There, you will get the option to close FASTag, by selecting which you will be able to close your FASTag.

Apply for FASTag in a new bank:

To port FASTag to another bank, you have to call the helpline of that bank. There, you will be given information about the process of FASTag porting. You have to follow the instructions given by them and submit all the required documents to them.



Get a new FASTag:

When your FASTag is ported, you will get a new FASTag. Whatever amount is left in your Paytm Payments Bank FASTag will be transferred to the new FASTag.

How to create a new FASTag:

If you want a new FASTag of any other bank, then you will have to apply by visiting the FASTag website of that bank. You are required to have an account in that bank. While applying, you will have to provide your personal and vehicle information and upload all the required documents. After submitting the application, you will get the new FASTag.